Attractive QR Codes in Advertising and Marketing Campaigns. 


The use of QR Codes on the traditional communication channels such as press, posters and merchandising, enables you to fully exploit the new media’s potential because it allows to access quickly and anywhere to virtual messages and to enrich them with digital contents (photos, videos, links, documents). The QR Code wasn’t created to meet the needs of advertising, and it’s “cold” and not very appealing aspect didn’t really make its introduction into the communication’s world easy. Today, there are QR Codes generators which allow to create QR Codes that are perfectly integrated with the objects and advertising’s design.

The ones we’re showing you are some examples created the QR Code generator Wonder QR Code, you’re also going to find a few little tips!

Attractive QR Codes and anticipatory messages are a winning combination.

Clearly visible QR Codes help you to profile the clients and increase sales.

How to make the most of the QR Codes on packaging.


For your product to stand out from the packed shelves of a supermarket, it must have a well structured packaging that contains a clear, immediate and relevant message. So, if you decide to use the QR Code for discounts, offers, additional information or any customer retention activity, please follow some simple precautions: 


- State clearly the benefits that will be obtained by scanning the QR Code, it’ll make it easier for the consumer to complete the purchase


- ​Make the user “land” on landing pages that are optimized for mobile devices or on websites with a responsive design, there’s nothing worse than waste the potential customer’s time making him go crazy with the zoom to be able to read your offers. 


- Do not use the QR Code for long term developing activities, remember that the packaging is thrown away and with it the QR Code and all your work!

The ads that place nice and appealing QR Codes in the foreground usually reach 25% more scans. However, the QR Code should also raise interest and they can’t focus only on the element of surprise. When you place a QR Code in your advertising do not forget to anticipate what's behind the code and what benefits or advantages it may bring to those who scan it. In fact you're asking the user to carry out an action that goes beyond reading the ad and, if it’s not explicitly rewarding, he could decide not to do it.

Generating a QR Code is simple and fairly inexpensive, for this reason, whoever needs to communicate with their target audience can fully exploit the potential made available today by this technology. The QR Codes are the ideal tool to start customer profiling campaigns and simplify the data acquisition process. They allow you to get valuable information for your business in exchange for a cup of coffee!


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