How QR Codes work.

The QR Code is an evolution of the bar code, very similar but more versatile, it can contain any kind of information: texts, web pages, contact information, online multimedia contents. 

The QR Codes are widely used in the marketing and communication field because they are a versatile tool, with the great ability to spread the information and an ease of access to the contents for whoever own a Smartphone.

In their standard version, the QR Codes look like black and white squares that can be scanned with a Smartphone’s camera and decoded via dedicated apps. 



How to read a QR Code

A Smartphone or a tablet with a decoding app, generally called QR Code Reader, is needed to read a QR Code. On the various stores one can find many applications, most of them for free, that enable to read the QR Codes.  Once the app is chosen, it’s only a matter of installing it on the mobile device, aiming the camera at the QR Code and one will immediately have access to its digital contents.


How to create a QR Code

Creating a QR Code is quite simple. On line there are many QR Code generators, from the basic to the more sophisticated ones able, like Wonder QR Code, to generate aesthetically pleasing QR Codes. 

The QR Code generator allow to select the type of information the QR Code will contain (URL, digital business cards, text, etc) and then to generate it automatically. At this stage the QR Code can be downloaded and used to spread the online contents on off-line media.  


Hot to use a QR Code

The QR Code offers a large variety of possibilities and for this reason they can be used in promotional, informative or functional activities. The great value of the QR Code is the possibility to link the real word to the virtual one, amplifying the people’s experience, tied to the materials and products, with additional digital contents. On the other hand it enables the companies to gather data and information on their customers and to verify, in real time, the QR Code Marketing campaigns’ trend and to analyse their results.


Short URL

Wonder QR Codes automatically generates short URLs, shortening long URLs into links of a few characters.

This way lower QR Codes’ density permits to have a nicer graphic effect.

All the short URLs generated with Wonder QR are safe, everlasting and quick. The service is hosted on servers that guarantee the best quality and safety standards. 

The basic domain is followed by the unique code assigned to the single QR Code.


For enhanced security, every short URL is randomly and not in sequence generated, thus avoiding the detection of the following URL. Every short URL is unique, under no circumstances URLs already used by other users will be “recycled”, even in the event that the aforementioned URLs are already linked to the same target URL.


Where to use the QR Codes: 

- On newspapers and magazines

- On business cards

- On brochures and catalogues

- On the products’ packaging

- On freebies and merchandising 

- On advertising posters and fliers

- On information hoardings

- On educational material

- On settings

- On a Curriculum Vitae

Example of a Wonder Blended

QR Code

Example of a standard low density QR Code

Example of a standard high density QR Code




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