Advantages of QR Codes.

Wonder QR Code converts the standard QR Codes into QR Codes with a captivating look.

The black and white square seen in the majority of cases becomes an element that can fully regain a central role in any kind of communication without being put in a corner anymore!

Putting the Wonder QR Code in the foreground enables to attract the public’s attention and enhance the message with specifically designed virtual contents.


With the Wonder QR Code one can get in contact quickly, inexpensively, effectively and in a gratifying way with additional information and features. In many cases they are able to involve the people in a synergistic interaction, transforming them from passive users into valuable volunteer contributors.


From their very definition, the Blended QR Codes are QR Codes that “blend” into the graphic design thanks to the transparency.


A Blended QR Code can be superimposed to any picture without compromising its beauty or message. On the other hand, it can increase its effectiveness and reinforce the connection with the client thanks to additional virtual contents. Blended QR Codes are perfectly legible from any smartphone thanks to the compatibility with the QR Code reading algorithms.


Blended QR Codes are ideal for those communications where the image is preponderant and attractive because they don’t alter their beauty and visibility.

They are also ideal to place the company logos within them and increase the branding activity.


The Patchwork QR Codes are completely creative QR Codes because it is the very own QR Code elements (“eye” and “dot”) that are customised with pictures and patterns.


This new generation of QR Codes enables the automatic creation of QR Codes that usually are designed ad hoc. The final result are perfectly legible QR Codes with a design miles away from the black and white square!


Patchwork QR Codes are ideal to use when one wishes to coordinate the QR Code to the communication’s theme and create an unusual final result.

Patchwork QR Codes can replace any picture within the communication, this way they multiply the opportunity of diffusion and remain etched into the memory of those who see it. 




It’s possible to convert any picture in a QR and if one doesn’t have enough imagination, they can use image gallery available on the website.



the QR Code is put at the centre your off line communication and increase the effectiveness of the call-to-action.



the Wonder QR Code can be printed on any material, giving originality to products, freebies and merchandising, and extending the opportunities to involve people in a cooperative interaction.



taking advantage of the easy access to your contents in the real world it is possible to encourage their digital sharing (Social Networks, email).



just follow the generator’s instructions to create a Wonder QR Code, in less than a minute you will have your personal QR Code.


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