How to use QR Codes in restaurants.


If you own a restaurant maybe you’ll be interested to know that you can use QR Codes to offer useful services to your patrons and, in the meantime, minimize the operating costs and promote your business.


Here are 5 examples on how to make best use of the QR Codes in your restaurant:


Get take away orders with the QR Codes. 

Include the QR Codes on the menu, on flyers, business cards or on your shop windows for the clients how wish to use the take away service. The order will be received directly from the kitchen, it will be paid online and picked up when ready, without queues and hindrances for the front of house activities. 

 (testo immagine: Take away menu. Order now!)

On the restaurant’s table.

Place the QR Codes on the table to provide information about the chefs, the product employed or to give useful suggestion on how to cook a certain dish. People are curious and they love to know the details about services and products, especially when it’s a matter of good cooking (and good wine)!

Booking a table with a QR Code.

Using a QR Code you can make the booking process easier and allow the patrons to book on their own their favorite table, even on the weekly closing day and at any time. 

 (testo immagine: Book your table, scan the QR Code)

Profiling the patrons and organizing themed events.

With the QR Codes you can profile  your patrons, gathering useful data to offer targeted events that will guarantee a full house!

Use the QR Codes for advertising.

Last but not least, you can use the QT Codes to promote your restaurant and the organized events. Place the QR Code on magazines, posters, stickers and gadgets to spread news of your business, also thanks to the word of mouth.


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