QR Code in museums and art galleries: some real cases reveal the secrets to effectively involve the visitors. 


Simple and adaptable, the QR Code can be used to add virtual contents and improve the visitor’s experience. The important thing is to offer quality contents and tell them what they’re going to see.


Technologies, from the most complex to the simplest, now offer an outstanding support to the organizers of shows and exhibitions.

One of the most versatile and cheap technologies are the QR Codes. The QR Codes can contain various kinds of information, from simple links to structured landing pages, from videos to customized applications. In any case, their use is available to everyone since they can be read by smartphones and tablets.

Therefore, any museum can amplify the visitors’ experience placing, alongside the artworks, a QR Code with specifically designed contents. In addition, today there are QR Code Generators, such as Wonderqrcode, that enable to create beautiful QR Codes that can be put besides the artworks.


Whatever idea you want to set up, we suggest you to always hint the QR Codes’ content. This is also confirmed by Nina Simon of the Museum of Art and History of Santa Cruz: the visitor will be much more motivated to scan the QR Code if he knows what he’s going to see.

Hellenic Museum: Benaki Exhibition.


The Hellenic Museum, during the Benaki Exhibition, equipped some of the artworks with a number of QR Codes that allowed the visitors to access to video contents especially created for the occasion. The idea is to give the visitor a deeper understanding of the exhibition and to fully appreciate the work and its history.

Russian Pavilion the 2012 Venice Arts Festival.


The Russian Pavilion at the Venice Arts Festival is definitely one of the most extreme examples: every surface of the Russian pavilion is covered in QR Codes, through which visitors, using tablets, can explore the Skolkovo innovation city project.

The World Park Interactive Museum @ New York's Central Park.


For the Arbor Day it has been organized, in Central Park, an event that allowed the park’s visitors to access to a free interactive tour thanks to the help of QR Codes placed along a specific itinerary.

The Love Lace Exhibition al Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum.


The Love Lace Exhibition is a contemporary art exhibition that’s been held at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney where 130 works of lace, by 134 artists from 20 countries has been exhibited. A good bet for our times; but the organizers, together with a wonderful set-up, were able right away to make it modern, exploiting the QR Codes to download the free app – a complete catalogue itself – which provided more information to the visitors.


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