QR Code advertising for agencies.

In the communication field the QR Codes become new gateways for the interaction between those who want to offer and those who want to get involved, with the goal of expanding the possibilities and the experience. Using the QR Codes on the traditional communication channels such as the press, the commercial hoardings and gifts , allows to fully exploit the potential of the new media, and if used with specific Mobile Marketing tools like Qingers, they enable to organise campaigns aimed at improving the effectiveness of the offline campaign.


In organising events, the QR Codes offer virtual experiences to be lived in the physical world, as well as being an irreplaceable instrument to facilitate the logistical and profiling activities.


How to use the QR Codes:


- In the Brand Engagement to facilitate the encounter between consumer and product through magazines, newspapers and promoting the advertising by word of mouth among friends and acquaintances

- In the offline advertisement to let the people to experience something new and grow the brand’s appeal

- On the product’s package to give further details on the products/services

- To develop promotional activities (coupons, discount tickets, special offers) and contests, having a greater influence in the purchase decision 

- In the Direct Mail campaigns to link the offline contents to the digital contents that develop the theme

- On the client’s corporate image, in particular on the company’s brochures and business cards to add information and have them in a digital format, so that they can be easily recorded and spread

- In an event’s press kits to enrich the files with digital contents easily accessible on the very day of the event and pass out the same documents in a digital format

- In the audience’s profiling it simplify the data gathering process

- On freebies, merchandising, exhibition material and settings (totems, sails, panels, etc) to magnify the visitor’s experience and easily supply the information material



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