QR Code books, how a library used them.

Two Dutch libraries are using the QR Codes to carry out an innovative project to promote reading among children.

With Project-Q the libraries of Aassen, "Assen Library", and Hoogeveen, "Hoogeveen Library", are helping their young readers in their reading choices using the QR Code technology and the appeal of videos. In fact, the project involves a series of reviews made directly by the kids who have read a particular book. The participants did, in fact, shot a video in which they presented to their peers the reasons why that book is a must read!


Later on the video is put online and enjoyed via the QR Codes. The QR Code is in fact included in every reviewed book so that, thanks to the use of smarphones and tablets, it can be very easily read by children and kids.

The project, in this initial trial phase, involved more than two hundreds children, and the libraries are expecting soon the official launch with the production of new videos and new QR Codes!


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