QR Code tickets for Events.

Using the QR Code in the show business allow to add digital contents to the traditional physical supports (fliers, posters, billboards, ads on newspapers and magazines, etc) and encouraging the people participation to give a preview of what they would experience during the show.


When used with specific online marketing tools like Qingers they facilitate spreading the word, promote the interaction in the fans’ community and simplify the costumers profiling.

Moreover, they are an irreplaceable instrument to ease the logistics management of the event’s organisation (tickets passes and badges).


How to use the QR Codes:


- To get the public interested through trailers, video clips, photos, listening to music

- To get in contact with the audience, increasing the sharing on Social Networks and exploiting their 

- To supply a schedule of the events updated in real time 

- To develop promotional activities through discounts on the entrance tickets or contests

- In the Direct Mail campaigns to link the offline contents to the digital contents that give information on the shows, the artists, etc

- In the audience profiling, it simplify the data gathering process

- On freebies, merchandising, exhibition material and settings (totems, sails, panels, etc) to magnify the visitor’s experience and increasing their satisfaction for taking part in it



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