QR Codes for weddings: how to simplify the organization of your wedding.


Planning the perfect wedding it's not easy at all. There are lots of things to take care of and one may arrive exhausted and anxious to that fateful day!
Luckily, technology is here to help us, making life easier for both the couple and its guests. 


Here are 4 examples on how to make the best use of the QR Codes for your wedding's organization: 


QR Codes on the invitations
Add a QR Code on your invitation and allow your guests to:

- connect to the Web or Facebook page specifically created for the event

- publishing the day's schedule 

- view the map to reach the church and the restaurant

- constantly inform the guests with the latest news


QR Codes for the wedding gift list
Send the guests a QR Codes from which they could:

- view the wedding list that you prepared

- being updated on every purchased gift and on those that are left

QR Codes for the guests' entertainment
Place the QR Codes on the tables to entertain your guests between one course and another, you could:

- show the itinerary for your honeymoon

- propose some prize-winning games

- get the guests involved by letting them instantly post their picture on your Instagram account


QR Codes for picture and video sharing
Hand out some party favors with an enclosed QR Code to your guests, by scanning it they could browse through your wedding and honeymoon's digital photo book.


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