QR Code Generator: how to create a customized QR Code in 4 simple steps.


There are many ways to creatively use the QR Codes in order to increase the traffic of your website, find customers and expand your social media presence.

Here it is how to create a QR Code with your logo or any other image in less than a minute.



1. Enter the target URL

The QR Code allows anyone, via any mobile device, a quick access to a web page. Therefore, the first thing to do is to enter a target URL, that is the link to which you want to generate traffic, and simplify the access to your contents (Web sites, videos, social channels, vcards, coupons, contests, etc...).

2. Add a picture

Choose an image among those available in the QR Codes generator’s gallery or upload one of your choice. A blended QR Code will be generated (Blended QR Code), so that it won’t overlap the picture and it will be harmoniously integrated in it. If you need some ideas get inspired by our users, take a look at the gallery.

3. Resize, rotate and choose the effects of the QR Code.

The QR Code Generator will suggest you the ideal position of the QR Code on the picture but you will be able to move it as you wish and change the rotation angle proposed. You will also be able to change the dots’ shape by choosing among stars, squares or dots and decide whether the “eyes” (the three large squares on the edges) will have squared or rounded corners.

4. Download it and use it!

By downloading the QR Code you’ll get a .png file with the code you just created. You can use it to promote your shop or your company, to put it on business cards, brochures and CVs, on magazines, posters and leaflets, gadgets, merchandising and packaging. You can put it anywhere you want it to be seen! If you need suggestions on how to best use the QR Code click here.


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