QR Code in education a big resource for modern teachers.


The QR Codes technology offers a wide range of benefits for the more modern teachers. In fact, more and more teachers are exploring the potential of QR Codes in teaching, encouraged by the fact that most of their students have access to mobile devices both in and out of school. So why not take advantage of a simple, effective and highly interactive tool?


Here’s a list of ideas on how to use the QR Codes in education


1. In math QR Codes can be added to the exercise sheets to allow the students access to the solutions from home.

2. In the study of foreign languages QR Codes can be used to facilitate the correct pronunciation of the terms by listening to audio or video files.

3. In science lessons the QR Codes can provide a valuable visual aid to the practical experiments, thanks to explanatory videos. The QR Codes can be displayed in the classroom and allow students and other teachers to consult the material.

4. In the library, the QR Code can be embedded in the books to get access to the digital version of the volume or to additional virtual contents, useful to thorough study of the subject at hand.

5. Headmasters can promote the institute, easily distribute informative material during the parent’s visits to the school complex hanging, for example, QR Codes on each department and class.


QR Code generators such as wonderqrcode.com, in addition to giving you the possibility to generate QR Codes within seconds and for free, they allow you to obtain transparent QR Codes that can be applied on any kind of image, including the students’ artworks. Creating a QR Code is simple, just copy and paste a web page’s address in the QR Code generator. After making your code, you can download it and attach it to your teaching resource, or just leave it on the interactive whiteboard to be scanned in the classroom.


The QR Codes can be printed basically on anything, from paper to fabric. Moreover, they allow a conspicuous saving of printed material, just think about circulation of long articles which, instead of being distributed on paper they can be directly acquired on the students’ devices. This way you’ve given a lesson in green economy too!


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