Using QR Codes in Education.

The QR Codes can be used in the educational field to make the learning processes more approachable, integrated and stimulating. For example, used as a support to the teaching material they deliver visual and auditory experiences that permit the user to experience the information actively.

The QR Codes are ideal to pass out easily and flexibly (anytime, anywhere) documents, links, explanatory videos and anything that can be acquired and used , via mobile devices. They are also a considerable instrument to support the promotional and informative activities, as well as an instrument of collaboration among students and between school and parents. 


How to use the QR Codes:


- To present and spread the teaching material

- To spread explanatory videos and video tutorials

- To make the educational material interactive (adding QR Codes on the board during the lessons, placing QR Codes in a text book at the relevant point, letting hear the correct pronunciation in studying languages, etc) 

- To support children and parents in doing the homework

- To present and spread the students’ projects (digital slideshow)

- To promote the institute (virtual tour) and easily supply the information material

- To promote the institute’s events 

- To ease the access to the Wi-Fi network 


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