QR Codes Marketing.

A QR Code offers many possibility but often they aren’t strategically used.

When they are used for Mobile Marketing, it can happen to scan QR Codes whose contents are often limited, by the companies’ choice, to web addresses that often are “non-mobile”



The QR Codes need to create an interest, so relying exclusively on the inherent mystery of the QR Code may not be a winning move.

The user is asked to do something that goes beyond reading the advertisement and, if it’s not explicitly rewarding, he may decide to not do it. Therefore it is better to anticipate what’s behind the code and which benefits or advantages it can bring to who scans it.


Some suggestions to use QR Code in the best way:


- Explain how to use the QR Codes

- Specify what’s behind the code and which benefits one can obtain

- Place them in a clearly visible place of the off line communication so that they will attract the attention

- Give them the right dimension and place them high enough that they can be easily scanned

- Verify the URL’s link to avoid the 404 pages

- Optimise the website or the landing page to the mobile versions

- Verify the network coverage


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