QR Code Marketing Ideas for Companies.

QR Codes are ideal to promote your business because they enable a quick decoding of its content, promoting the interaction among people. 

They allow the engagement of consumers and public in a two-directional collaborative interaction, encouraging them to participate in the brand development and in strengthening the brand image. 


When used with specific online marketing tools such as Qingers, the QR Codes allow the brand to know better their customers, and to the customers to acquire better instruments to choose and direct their consumptions.


How to use the QR Codes: 


- On business cards the QR Code becomes a short cut to save the contacts in the in the contacts list or to add informative contents on people, companies or products. 

- On badges during conventions, fairs and events the QR Code simplify the accreditation procedures, the speakers’ introduction, the supply and sharing of files and brochures.

- On the product package to give further details on the products/services, to develop promotional activities and contests. 

- In the offline advertisement they give people a new experience and increase the brand’s appeal

- As tool for the green communication it allows all the environmentally aware companies to develop and enhance the “green” communication

- On press releases to give additional information and spread them in the “real world” via the use of the QR Codes


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