QR Code for Tourism and Museums.

Using the QR Code to promote the tourist products and information it means to increase the value of cities and monuments. With a simple scan it is possible to supply rich and in-depth information taking advantage of the systems made available by the Internet and the computerisation, thus replacing the traditional physical supports such as guides, information plaques and hoardings .


When used with specific online marketing tools like Qingers they allow to receive information on tourists and visitor to offer increasingly targeted services.


How to use the QR Codes:


- To promote the city and territory, offering an original vision of the cultural and environmental heritage

- To develop promotional activities (coupons, discount tickets, special offers, contests)

- To give information, recommend and book accommodation facilities, restaurants and venues

- To increase the value of historical buildings, monuments, works of art, streets and places, parks and gardens of the city, national parks

- To offer booking services for events and entrance tickets

- To download constantly updated guides and tourist information 

- To link to further information on the artist or the artwork at an exhibit or a show


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