QR Code shopping.

The QR Codes permit to promote one’s business encouraging consumers and public to visit shops and clubs. The QR Code facilitates a quick access to virtual messages and allows to enrich them with digital contents; it can be used on fliers, magazines, leaflets and posters, but also directly on shops’ windows to encourage the passers-by to an immediate visit. Inside the shop it can be used to give a better service and support the products’ selling recommending, for example, matchings or correlated products that the costumer may like.


When used with specific online marketing tools like Qingers they facilitate spreading the word, promote the interaction in the fans’ community and simplify the costumers profiling.


How to use the QR Codes:


- In the advertisement to make the business known and have the people experience new things, impressing them in their mind

- In the promotional activities (coupons, discount tickets, special offers, contests) to lead the people to visit the shop

- To give quality information and increase the perceived value of the sold products/services 

- To gather contacts and profiling one’s costumers

- For customer retention with virtual loyalty cards

- To create on the physical location virtual stores available 24/7 and where the purchase could be more convenient

- To increase the sales suggesting correlated products and accessories  

- To be easily found connecting one’s local business to Google Maps

- To promote shows and events

- To let one’s costumer play with specially structured game activities, i.e. a treasure hunt


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