Make your own QR Code.

Blended QR Code.

The Blended QR Codes represent the new generation of the QR Code that, thanks to the characteristic transparency, can “blend” with any image becoming an integral part of it, without compromising its aesthetics and legibility. It is an aspect that improves the usability and application versatility of the system compared to the traditional black QR Code enclosed in the white frame.


Using the Blended QR Codes on traditional communication channels such as the press, the commercial hoardings and gifts, allows to put the QR Code in the foreground and to fully exploit the potential of the new media, enhancing the effectiveness of any promotional or informative activity.


Blended QR Codes are perfectly legible from any smartphone or mobile device, as long as one of the many “QR Code scan” free apps available today on the app stores is installed.


Patchwork QR Code.

The Patchwork QR allow to customise the very same code elements (“eyes” and “dots”) with some images. Thanks to the Patchwork QR Codes it is possible to obtain thematic QR Codes with unusual and unique artworks. The black and white square is replaced by artistic designs automatically generated by the Wonder QR Code generator.


This new generation of QR Codes enables the automatic and massive creation of QR Codes that usually are designed ad hoc. The final result are perfectly legible QR Codes with a unique design.

Wonder QR Code offers some Patchwork templates to use for free that can be customised, within them, with one’s own pictures. 



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